Tail light housings and lenses are next.† All lens and body gaskets will be replaced and any fasteners get bead blasted.† I use with ĖsomeĖ success, depending on badly the lenses are scratched, Novus 3 step acrylic scratch remover and polish.† First the lenses are washed using a scotch brite very lightly.† I use a sponge polishing ball on a drill and apply the Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover until Iím satisfied with what itís doing, then the Novus #2, then follow up with the final stage which is a high gloss Novus spray polish.


On any chrome trim I use 0000 steel wool and acetone to remove any previous paint.† On the tail light housings I either blast them, sand them and /or steel wool them after washing and use Rust Oíleumís stainless steel spray paint. I know itís not original, but I like the way it looks on the finished product.† If the mirror finish on the inside of the housings is pretty bad, most are, I used a metal etching primer and then top coat with a couple coats of chrome spray paint.