Text Box: 1928 Ford Model A Sport Coupe
With the added protection of a closed vehicle, roll-down windows, and a non-folding canvas top, this variant of the Ford Coupe brought immediate popularity. It was one of six original Model A body styles and featured the appearance of the sporty Roadster, but it afforded occupants the protection of a closed car. The rumble seat was standard feature of the car and the top was covered in a tan whipcord that was also used to cover the visor.
Text Box: The car came without a spare but we managed to find 3 wheels on Ebay, one turned out to be usable. After sand blasting to bare metal, we epoxy coated it and added a new Firestone from Coker Tire. Came out pretty good. Cost to do just the spare was over $500.
Text Box: Complete frame off restoration by an elderly gentlemen in Michigan who used to do a car every two years. This car looks like it just came from Henry Fordís factory, inside, outside and even underneath.
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The Model A, introduced in 1928, was the successor to the wildly successful Model T.  A far more sophisticated automobile, the Model comprised 6800 different parts as opposed to the under 5000 for the last Model T.  It also put out double the hp--40 hp as opposed to only 20 hp for the Model T.† Appraisal $18k