Text Box: This 1949 Chevrolet 1-Ton pickup is our latest project in the works. Itís completely original and we just finished restoring the back half of the truck. With help from Mrs. Grumpy and Buckwheat, it came out pretty good. We still have the cab and engine and compartment to restore. This is going to be our ďGrumpyís Garage Shop TruckĒ for picking up parts and such.
Text Box: This was the ratís nest that was inside the headliner of the truck!
Text Box: The bed was in pretty bad shape. Rotted old oak painted over and bed supports underneath were totally rusted away. In addition, the front metal end of the bed and tail gate were in bad shape and had to be replaced.
Text Box: All this rust has to come off before under coating and rebuilding.
Text Box: Buckwheat hard at work!
Text Box: Itís a bitch pressure washing when itís 10 degrees outside!
Text Box: Top and bottom with rust completely removed and under coated.
Text Box: New tail gate and front of bed just sprayed. Looks like who ever painted this truck used Rust OíLeum Tractor Paint, at least thatís what we matched up to and it matches pretty well and is super durable. 
Text Box: Here it is with the back of the cab painted, new bed front installed and new fabricated cross members and plates. Positioning before welding is critical because the floor boards have to bolt exactly in the center of the cross members. Can you say ďwe better measure againĒ.
Text Box: The new oak floor boards are given 4 coats of outdoor clear gloss urethane with a sanding between each coat. Tops and bottoms were done.
Text Box: Mrs. Grumpy thinks itís looking just swell and canít wait to put the floor in!
Text Box: Itís coming out pretty well, all the holes in the stainless steel joining strips are lining up perfectly with the bed supports. Mrs. Grumpy (not seen in this shot) is underneath the truck on a creeper putting the nuts on the bolts!
Text Box: We decided to build stake side for the truck bed as well.
Text Box: Mrs. Grumpy is quite pleased with our accomplishment!  And so am I. I couldnít have done it without her because Buckwheat decided to go ice fishing for 2 months and left me stranded with a 1/2 done project.
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