Text Box: 1958 Chevrolet long bed 1/2 ton pickup.  IíM LOOKING FOR A SHORTBED TO REPLACE LONG BED
This truck already has a 350 V-8 in it and the original 3 speed transmission. I did change the ring and pinion to a 337 to make it more suitable for high speed highway driving, and Iíve put new wheels and tires on (donít have any new pictures taken yet). This truck is going to end up as a custom pickup, repainted and customized with a 500HP 454 Chevy engine. The bed has to be re-done but itís no where as sad shape as the Ď49 pickup was. The boards basically have to come out, be refinished and reinstalled with new hardware after we paint the truck.
This truck came from Arizona and is virtually rust free, with the exception of a little surface rust.
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