1964 Pontiac Lemans Convertible

This is the first car my younger brother Charlie had when he was 16 years old. Our future wives were both in the backseat and we were cruising down Lakeshore drive in Chicago when I accidently pushed the console shifter into reverse! Charlie never forgot it, neither did I. I still feel bad to this day.


I picked this one up to restore for my brother if I can ever afford it and if I can ever quit putting other projects in front of it.† Itís even the same color that his was. Itís an original 74k survivor car and came from the original owner in Indiana. You can drive this car anywhere just the way it is. Also picked up a 1964 389 with trans that only has 24k miles on it if I ever want to convert to GTO.†††† Appraised at $18k

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