Text Box: Have been getting a lot done in the past couple months. Went through the brakes next. Fronts have RT optional dual piston calipers ordered from factory. 
Text Box: The next challenge was the tail panel and lenses. The panel was scratched up pretty well and the lenses had some kind chemical impregnation in them. Worked a couple days to get it right. Found one source in the country that specially mixes paint for the rear tail panel and also the special “Argent Silver” textured paint for the grill. They came out like the car just came from the factory.
Text Box: The grill was next. What a major pain in the ass it was. Was worth it, came out factory new.
Text Box: Next was the Air Grabber for the hood. It was in pretty bad shape. Completely disassembled, new gaskets, rubbers, rivets and refinished the plastic housing.


Text Box: AFTER
Text Box: Re did all of the wiring next.
Text Box: The trans was in great shape mechanically. A727B super heavy duty. Just had to clean it up a bit and refinish. And yes, the number match the vin too.
Text Box: Power steering was in good shape, just had to restore it. Powder coated the brackets and pully and added new lines.
Text Box: And FINALLY! After 2 years the engine is ready to go in. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long long time. Getting near the finishing line now. 1/5/2008. It was a bear getting the Hookers bolted to the heads even though we had them laying in there when we dropped the engine in. Put on a 7 quart Moroso pan which in it’s anodized gold finish matches the valve covers. Despite negative comments that I’ve been getting about the gold...TOUGH SHIT…...I like it!
Text Box: Getting close to the finish line now, but there’s still a lot of work to do. I’ll post more updates in about a month. Still have to do the exhaust system, get the engine started and tweak everything, work on the heater and various control cables, and it goes on and on and on. Wish I had more than one Saturday a week to work on her.
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