Text Box: December 2009
1st attempt at building a resto-mod out of this 71.  Everyone said I couldn’t do it. Last laugh is on me.
Stripping out preparing for Hot Rod Haus, Trevor, WI body shop.
Text Box: ALL parts were/are restored to new and in some case modified condition. Front headlights will be halogen blue Angle Eyes. Every part on steering column restored. Torsion bars, brake pedals, you name it.  Aluminum head, roller rocker 440 waiting and ready.  22” Foose wheels and Nitto tires.
Text Box: OCTOBER 2010—FINALLY color is on.  It’s a late model Corvette blue. Triple wet sanding being done. When car is finished it will be lowered with 22” rims, bumpers will be same color as car with front bumper having eyebrow.  Black rear window louvers and spoiler. All new very dark tinted glass. ALL new wiring harnesses. Completely new interior down to powder coating seat frames. Black GTX 440 hood/fender stripes. Instead of regular GTX decal on truck back, will be hand painted “GTXtra”.  
Text Box: Wait!  There’s MORE!  Click here for the November 1, 2010 update!#