Text Box: This was the other side of the mechanical shop before it was turned into a body shop in the summer of 2007.
Text Box: Below is body shop completed. Pictures came out weird, it’s actually SUPER bright in there. 4 2200 CFM exhaust fans, new independent heater, fully insulated with attic space.
Text Box: Couple of 454’s to rebuild.
Feels like Christmas!
Text Box: Wish I would have had my rifle. They put holes in my pond liner.
Text Box: Old picture. Open door side is now a body shop.
Text Box: Tim having fun. Constantly whining about something.
Text Box: Dave and Tim having fun at Grumpy’s Playhouse.

Hard to believe while in high school I pumped gas at 29.9 lower than that sign.
Text Box: Tim had a brainstorm. Take that old plastic tool box and make a weather proof cover for trailer wench.  Wind blew of the very next week.  Good job Buckwheat!
Text Box: The “TIME MACHINE” as I call it.
The blast cabinet is my FAVORITE piece of shop equipment. I LIVE TO RESTORE PARTS. Ask my sore hands
Text Box: Some of the cars in storage. Have about 20 in this building.
Text Box: Mr. Race Car Jeff Mathews was born inside the drawer of this Sun 500.

Might be old technology but so is he.

Sorry Jeff ! You ARE the Sun 500 KING!
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