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I received a flyer last month about a car show in Spring Green, Wisconsin on Saturday August 21, 2010.  I typically have had my fill of car shows and have too much work to do on the farm so I was going to put it in the round file.  Before tossing it I saw that they were having a celebrity guest “Mr. Norm of the former Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago”. (Grand Spaulding was one of the largest Mopar dealers in country back in the 60’s and 70’s and sold and did quite a bit of high performance mods.)


Well, knowing that one of my cars, a 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 R/T was a numbers matching restoration that came from Mr. Norm’s I thought what the heck, maybe I’ll put this trailer queen in the enclosed trailer and bring her down hoping to get him to sign the inner fender or something.  Spring Green is about 80 miles south of my place up here in Wisconsin.


I emailed Todd at the Spring Green Chamber of Commerce who handles the show (great guy) and told him about the R/T and the connection with Norm.  I guess he told Norm and the company he is with (they sell NEW Mopars with any modification you want on them).  Todd wrote back and said come on down that would be great “I’m sure Norm would like to see the car.”


Well, the show ran from 8 A.M till 4:30 P.M. (I’m too old for this crap and left at 1 P.M. I don’t care if Santa Claus is there.)


I get there late, about 10:30 and the place is REALLY packed.  I’ve been to a LOT of car shows in my time but there had to be 1,000 cars there.  When I talked to this Todd I told him I would have a big rig with a F-250 and a 33’ enclosed trailer and wanted to make sure there was a place for me to park and unload and load.  He said “No problem.”  I get there and there wasn’t any place to park and I was pissed.


I get out of the truck and walk a block to the registration desk (I pre-registered too and they had my five bucks!)  I told them that there is NO F)*(#$&%)* place to park!


They asked my name and said “wait a minute”  The lady came back and said “YOU’RE GRUMPY! We’ve been waiting for you!”  I sort of scratched my head (it’s easy to do now I don’t have any hair up there anymore) in wonderment.


She said “We have a special place for your rig right here across from registration that’s why the barricades are there.  I’ll get some guys to move them”.  (Huh? Scratched my head again.)  “After you unload one of Norm’s guys will walk you down where his four cars are parked, just follow him, they have a spot for you right in with his cars.”  Totally blew my mind, I’m not kidding you folks.  My wife was with and did this 1 minute video of me parking next to the Mr. Norm’s Garage Cars. I put some stills in it and posted it here


Well, needless to say I was thrilled to meet him again.  The last time I saw him was in 1969.  He’s aged, as we all have, but at 75 years old he still rocks and the man knows his stuff too.  Sharp as a tack and still a salesman. 


I did get him to sign the inner fender and when he saw the poverty hub caps he said “Who do you think you were fooling with those hub caps and those hood scoops?” 

  “Sleeper my ass.”


Well, now that he autographed it I can sell it.



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