Well, it took long enough but it finally finished after taking this winter off. 1973 Dodge Charger Rallye, 1 of 396 manufactured with a 340 engine and manual 4-speed transmission. This is a numbers matching car (engine and transmission have same stamped serial number as VIN tag). 

We restored this car according to EXACTLY how it came from Mopar back in 1973, according to the decoding of the fender tag and the "production build sheet". It's hard to believe the car was ordered with Clear Glass and Wide Sill moldings which we had new still in the Mopar wrappers.

Thanks to, Dave at MMCDetroit ICCA for the inspection paint codes we used on various parts of this car, like transmission, differential housing etc etc. Also, thank you Rubin Collazo for the great job he did on the Legendary Upholstery and vinyl top. Also, John "Mr. Mopar" Becker of Wisconsin Rapids for the great engine rebuild. Also, thank you to Norm of Norm's Speed Shop for the great 4 speed rebuild work. Thanks to Tim Savage for the jobs when I needed to have "Four Hands". Thanks to Mark at Esquire Muffler in Wisconsin Rapids for even "clocking the exhaust clamps". 

And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Earl Stoflet of Wisconsin Rapids for the fantastic metal, mud and paint work. You are truly an artist and the best fabricator I have ever known.

Year One, PPG, Legendary Interiors, Inline Tube, AMD, Bauer Blasting, Keystone Plating, Phoenix Graphix and more....

Every nut and bolt on this car was restored, including the heater box.† I have thousands of pictures of the complete restoration process for every part of this car.

There are a LOT more pictures here on my Face Book page.†

If I get the chance sometime, Iíll post hundreds of restoration pix of this car. 7/11/14.